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Location: SANTA CLARA, California

SVB Marketing: Our vision is to create a world class marketing organization that leverages today’s platforms, technologies, and creative thinking to drive revenue growth and secure SVB’s image as the most sought after global financial partner for the innovation economy. With SVB’s compelling mission to increase innovative companies’ probability of success worldwide, the marketing team’s mission is to lead the organization in having an unrelenting focus on the client through the delivery of scalable, differentiating client experiences that reinforce our unique brand value while driving awareness, acquisition, and engagement.

A CRM Manager will be responsible for ensuring that we get the most out of our existing, internal CRM System (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), and will be able to work with the business to make sure users’ information, reporting, and process needs are met.

PLEASE NOTE: An ideal candidate will already be a power-user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, SugarCRM, etc. - THIS IS NOT A DEVELOPER, BA, OR PROJECT MANAGER POSITION.

Examples of tasks from a typical day include:
• New functionality for the Client Service is going live at the end of the month. You work with the Service Managers to develop the training materials, schedule the sessions, and deliver the training.

• A group sales manager in the US is implementing a new sales initiative, and reaches out to you for help. You meet with the manager to understand the business need. What is the goal of the initiative? How do they want to monitor progress, and ultimately, success? How will the sales people capture the info? And how can we use the existing functionality in our CRM system to meet all of these needs? Armed with this understanding:
o You configure an easy way to capture the information, and train the sales people on how to use it
o You create the needed queries and charts, and assemble them into a dashboard for the sales manager to monitor progress
o You determine that, for the process to run optimally, we need some minor enhancements - maybe some new fields, new choices in existing fields, or additional logic. You capture these requirements, and work with the development team to make sure they got included in an upcoming release.

• An employee in the UK has been using spreadsheets to track a list of prospect companies and contacts. They reach out to you because they want to start using CRM instead of excel, but they have no way of getting all of their information into the system. They send you the excel files:
o Using Excel formulas, you analyze the contact and company data in their spreadsheet against what is already in our CRM system.
o Using bulk imports, you cleanse the existing data in CRM, and create any new records that are needed

• Operations identifies a handful of processes that they would love to automate. With a BA, you lead the meetings to discuss the requirements, and you come up with a proposed design. As the request moves through all of the development stages (Requirements/Functional Specs/Development/Testing/Production), you serve as the subject matter expert, ensuring the business needs match the system’s functional capabilities.

• Marketing has an idea for a new campaign, one that will target contacts at companies with specific attributes. You meet with the team to understand the profile of the targets of the campaign. Based on their criteria, you build a query in CRM, and provide the exported list to Marketing.

• You meet with your team of Data Stewards, providing support, mentoring and training.


Skills and Requirements:
Ideal candidate profile:
Already a CRM system power user - preferably Microsoft CRM Dynamics (, SugarCRM, etc. acceptable)
Proficient in Microsoft Excel, including using formulas
Bachelor’s degree or 5 years equivalent, relevant work experience.
Experience as a subject matter expert (not Project manager or BA) on system enhancement projects
Knowledge of and experience using data warehouse tools a plus
Strong communication and influencing skills
Willingness/ability to mentor/train more junior members of the team
Has experience managing a small team

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