Senior Analyst - Quality
Area and Site: India - Pune


Title: Senior Analyst - Quality

Years of experience: 4 - 8 years

Job Description

  • Perform Change Governance, reporting and other miscellaneous assignments as needed that fall within and outside the normal Change responsibilities

Daily Duties

  • Respond to any pending emails
  • Perform the Policy Post Audits
  • Preform all Pre Change Policy Audits and create any Policy Failure records
  • Process, review and manage all scheduled Change tickets with the Complex Change option
  • Process and send any and all mass communications as needed
  • Send the Daily CAB Agenda
  • Host and manage the CAB / eCAB meetings

Weekly Duties

  • Process  Policy Exempt Approval changes from the last 7 days
  • Send Failed Change Reports to the appropriate Specialists as needed
  • Attend Weekly Team Meeting
  • Download and Save the CAB recordings and upload to Sharepoint

Monthly and various other Duties

  • Review Agenda for any MASS COMM Reminders that need to be sent
  • Host any Change Policy / Process Training Sessions
  • Process any Change Freeze request must have the Blackout Window / Schedule Created


  • High School Diploma/Equivalent
  • ITIL Certification or equivalent work experience in an ITIL environment
  • Program/Product Managers require scheduling and budgeting experience
  • IT project management understanding and/or knowledge
  • Strong written/oral communications skills
  • Strong presentation and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks/project simultaneously
  • Strong PC skills (Windows, Notes, Excel, Microsoft Project, Visio)
  • Ability to work independently


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