Specialist - Systems
Area and Site: India - Bangalore


Operating System(s)/Application Software Supported:
Provide proficient support in at least 2 of the Intel Based Operating Systems listed below.  Work with and gain knowledge of at least “one” virtualization product/utility below.   Provide proficient support for at least “one” imaging application/utility listed below

• Intel Based Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

• Imaging Application: Recovery Automation, Symantec Ghost and PlateSpin. 

Hardware Supported:
• Intel/AMD/Itanium Servers (ISS): HP, Dell, IBM, including blade servers.
• Fiber Channel – DCFM, Brocade 
• Server firmware updates and compatibility.
• Assist with hardware troubleshooting diagnosis and repairs, swapping memory and/or I/O adapters on selected servers.

Primary responsibilities (75%):

Test Support and Troubleshooting for Managed Recovery Program:
• Direct customer interaction
• Escalation point for technical issues during our execution of customer’s recovery scripts used to recover their operating system, applications and data.
• Taking escalations from Technical Specialists, Engineers and/or contractors  - following basic troubleshooting steps to take issue from problem determination to resolution, including best practices for future testing.
• Engaging customer and/or vendors and/or peers to assist in troubleshooting when needed.
• Perform quality control checks on Technical Specialists, Engineers and/or contractors.
• Validate that documentation/reporting per host, application and script are accurate and reflect the related technical ownership per shift.

Schedule Flexibility:
• Flex schedule to provide off-hours test coverage for MRP testing.

• Following escalation path to ensure both the Management escalations and customer escalation occur.
Secondary responsibilities (25%):
Pre-test Conference Call Participation:
• Attend pre test briefing presented by the Test Lead.
• Review the procedures to become familiar with the client’s recovery methodology.
• Understand the client’s objectives, and definition of success
• Create hardware configuration documents (server prep matrix).
• Obtain desired hardware configurations for each scheduled server.

Setup Hardware Configurations for Pending/Scheduled Recoveries: 
• Install operating system(s) (sysprep image).
• Connect required disk and tape libraries/drives by patching and/or SAN zone setup.
• Storage Area Network(SAN) - zone the respective hardware as required.
• Configure Raid protection – internal storage.
• Test/validate hardware and library robotics, drives.
• Assign VLAN(s) and patch network connectivity. 

Standard Recovery Support:
• Direct customer interaction.
• Support recovery to dissimilar hardware.
• Provide first level technical support to subscribers during recovery testing or in a disaster.
• Troubleshoot any problems with infrastructure, systems, servers, peripheral hardware, operating systems and layer 1 network problems as required.

Product: Standby Operating System (SOS) & Imaging Applications:
• Utilize Jump-Start to deploy Flash Archive images.
• Utilize Jump-Start to validate Customer Flash Archive images 
• Utilize Recovery Automation or Symantec Ghost to deploy Microsoft Windows operating system images.
• Utilize Kickstart utility to deploy operating system images in a Linux environment.

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